About the Sponsor

About Discovery

Discovery is a leading financial services institution founded on the principles of consumer engagement and wellness. Discovery's approach to financial products is highly differentiated and involves integrating our entire product range with our science-based wellness programme, Vitality. The integration with Vitality has enabled Discovery to improve our competitive position by offering unique products with better benefits and at a lower price than our competitors.

In South Africa, we operate in the health insurance market through Discovery Health, the life assurance market through Discovery Life, the financial services market through Discovery Invest and DiscoveryCard and in the wellness arena through Discovery Vitality. All operating subsidiaries are 100% owned by Discovery.

Discovery Sponsorship

Promoting the benefits of a healthy, active life.

Discovery soccer park

Encouraging wellness

Our aim with sponsorship is to extend our vision of making people healthier to the wider community. We partner with organisations in initiatives that encourage wellness through sport for people from all walks of life - from professional athletes to families, to disabled people and people from disadvantaged communities.

Sport and its many benefits

Sport is a powerful tool to promote the benefits that sport and an active lifestyle have for overall wellness. Sport also drives the type of characteristics that are important for us as an organisation: discipline, determination, innovation, leadership and team work.

Protecting our members' interests

Although we support certain initiatives financially through sponsorships, our members can rest assured that we don't use their medical scheme contributions to pay for it.

Legislation doesn't allow for medical schemes to use member contributions for anything else but medical claims.

The money we use for sponsorships comes from Discovery Holdings, a listed company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The company has its own sources of income such as capital obtained from the selling of shares, and other investments.