How to book your team into a league

lets start with the basics...

  • Teams can choose the exact night of the week (Mon - Friday) they wish to play. League fixtures are system generated and teams will get various time slots on their league night. Times could vary from 18h00 to 22h00. Team administrators must check the website for fixtures and confirm.
  • Your team will be allocated to a league division (Premier leagues right the way through to lower divisions and social & corporate leagues) to match their level of skill and level of competitiveness.
  • A League season is dividend into a round robin phase. Generally we have 10 teams in a division thereby playing 9 league games per season. Check the length of the season when booking your league.
  • At the end of a league season, generally the top 2 teams within each league are promoted up a division, and the bottom 2 teams relegated down a division.

Medals and prizes are awarded to the winning team.

Note: Discovery Soccer Park recommends that players must be over 18 years of age unless the league is designated a junior league in which case specific age related rules apply.

Please "pay before you play", no game will start until the "full" game fee is paid!!

Step by Step guide to joining a league

Team Organizer: Follow these steps when filling out the form below


NB! Completion of the registration process will place the newly registered team on Waiting list and does not guarantee the team a place in the league they have selected.

Discovery Soccer Park will in due course contact the team organizer directly to confirm the team's acceptance into a league.


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