Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the league season finishes?

If you win you can retire with your fabulous prize but no need to do so. Leagues run throughout the year and if you book early enough to secure your spot you can continue to have fun and keep fit without interruption throughout the year. Book in advance, guarantee your spot and nab a discount for booking multiple leagues.

Will I always play in the times I've chosen?

If you enter a league then unless there are weather postponements or the like, you always play on the day you have selected e.g. Thursday. The league is system generated and your team will be allocated various time slots for your game on the night of your choice. The time slots could vary between 18h00 and 22h00 depending on the size of the league. You will however be notified in advance. If you book a casual (non-league) game where you bring the teams then you will play at the exact time and date you choose.

What information do I need to enter a league?

You will be asked for the name of your team, team captain and his contact details as well as your preferred day. Have this information ready in order to enter a league.

How do I enter a league?

Click here to register your team, or just phone us on 011 447 1198

How do I book a casual non league game?

Click here to book a casual game, or just phone us on 011 447 1198

Do we have to pay our entire season fee in advance?

No you do not have to but the rules are clear "NO PAY NO PLAY". We therefore strongly suggest that you pay in advance in order to avoid being late for your game on the night. There are attractive discounts for advance payments to add to the convenience!

You may pay choose to pay either by way of a) direct transfer into our bank account. Click here for banking details. Or b) by way of credit card at the facility before your game.

What footwear should I use?

Astro or five-a-side or normal stud or blades are good. NO METAL STUDS ALLOWED.

Do we have to bring a ball?

Hey we said state-of-the-art! No way! Balls are definitely provided.

Do we have to bring our own kit?

Try and look your best in matching kit but if you don't we will supply the bibs free of charge.

Where do we park?

Parking is free within the Wanderers Club. Enter at North Street Illovo and follow the signs. We are near the tennis section.