The Basics

  • Maximum of 8 players per side, 5 players on the pitch and 3 rolling subs. Rolling subs can exchange at any time and as many times as they need to during the game.
  • Refs for every game at no extra cost.
  • A league division to suit your standard of play and level of competitiveness.
  • A League season is divided into a round robin phase.
  • The length of a league season varies and depends on the amount of teams in a division. Generally we have 10 teams in a division thereby playing 9 league games. Check the length of the season when booking your league.
  • Games are 40 minutes long with a two minute half time period.
  • At the end of a season we generally put the top 2 teams of a division up a division, and the bottom 2 teams down a division.
  • Medals and prizes for the winning team.
  • Full set of rules.


  • We try to place teams in the correct division to match their level of skill from premier leagues right the way through to lower divisions and social leagues.
  • All leagues will have promotion and relegation and teams will soon find their 'rightful place'. If your performance in a league suggests you're punching way beneath or way above your weight, after consultation with you you'll be 'skipped' to the appropriate division.