Venue Rules

soccer balls

  2. Should your team be waiting for a sponsor, game fees are to be paid until sponsor has been received. Once received, all monies paid will be refunded. Please request any invoicing that you may require for your sponsor as soon as possible.
  3. Should your team “NO SHOW” for any game, your team will be liable for the “FULL” game fee (both teams game fee). The game will be a forfeit and the score being 3 – 0 to the opposition. Two “NO SHOWS” and your team will be withdrawn from the league and will be liable for the remainder of the league fees.
  4. There is only “ONE” postponement per team per season allowed. Should your team not be able to make any fixture, you have until 12:00 on the day of the game to re-fixture that game. Should it be after 12:00, it will be a forfeit and your team will be liable for the “FULL” game fee (both teams game fee), and the score will be 3 – 0 to the opposition. Postponed/Re-fixture games could be played at a late timeslot as well as a different night to your usual night and might have two games on one night.
  5. Teams “MAY NOT” postpone/reschedule the first or last game of the season, as well as the "CATCH UP" round/s & “FINAL” round. Games are also scheduled and played on public holidays.
  6. Team captains must check the website for fixtures. E-mails or SMS reminders must be checked for confirmation on the website.
  7. Teams can choose the night of the week they wish to play, but will be given various time slots on that night ranging from 18:00 and 22:00.
  8. Should your team withdraw from the league at any stage your team will be liable for the remainder of the “FULL” league fees.
  9. Any misconduct whatsoever will not be tolerated at DSP and will be dealt with accordingly by management. Management have previously dismissed players/teams for misconduct!
  10. Indemnities are to be signed by all players prior to first game.
  11. In the event of bad weather, games will still go ahead. Should there be severe lightning, and at management discretion, games may be called off.
  12. Games go ahead as usual on public holidays.
  13. Besides the lockers in the change rooms, we have installed lockers at all the pitches to safeguard your valuables during your game (keys, cell phones, wallets etc….Not kit bags!). You may bring your own lock or we can supply one for you (R50 deposit).
  14. All the above rules are final and binding and may not be challenged. DSP reserve the right to amend or relax any of the above rules as they deem necessary.

Click Here to view our 5-A-Side soccer rule book